An academy for Magick and Earthcraft; Where awakened children can learn from as well as enlighten awakened adults, discover more about their gifts and collaborate with others for more learning adventures! Let's RE-discover some things together!
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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules Icon_minitime1Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:41 pm

Basic Rules QXHDp

I, Application. You MUST register, log in, apply, be winnowed into a house by an administrator, AND pick up your cloak and crest from the World Tree ( <--Click!). Tutorials can be found in the Tutorial forum under Student Handbook. Show pride in your assigned group, color, crest and tree. They are a huge part of your energy imprint here at the academy!

II, Under Armor Awareness. Protect this house forum, we will! Be aware that there are small children on this site. Anything that isn't appropriate for little peoples’ eyes should be reported immediately to the site staff so that it may be removed. *See also item VII.

III, Be Civil and Open-minded. This means to be nice and listen to other points of view. You might learn something different and new! Discussions are wonderful. Keeping our minds open allows us to learn, which IS what we are here to do. Please exercise the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them to do unto you) here between members and discussions. Use common sense.

IV, No Preaching, Only Earthcraft Teaching. This is not a religious site by any means. There are multitudes of traditions represented here simply because over time people have taken what we have learned about earthcraft and fashioned certain parts of it into a religion or tradition. We try really hard not to have labels, so let’s have fun and learn! *See also item VII.

V, Be Respectful. Be aware that we want a big happy community here, and we don’t want any issues to begin based around gossip and “he-said she-said…” We are all different and have different opinions. We are all one, so… please respect yourself as well as everyone else.

VI, Chatbox Etiquette. The chatbox is there because we like that it brings our community closer and helps us to be more personal if we choose to do so. If we see that people are logging in, camping out on the chatbox, and not one class post is being made, we will remove ‘recess’ on the site until we see everything pick back up in your studies. Our focus here is to learn as well as to meet others and socialize.

VII, Harassment and Spam. Picking on anyone here for any reason is not good for a learning environment. Violations will NOT be tolerated under any condition. If seen, Lightway Spec Inv (Lightway Special Investigator), our resident Security Assurance Administrator, will be contacted, and action will be taken to issue consequences to the offending user.

Strike 1. Two hour ban from Private Messaging and Chatbox.
Strike 2. Two day ban from Private Messaging and Chatbox
Strike 3. Three day account ban from the site
Anything further. Permanent-ban from the site via IP address.
VIII, Have Fun! We are here to learn, teach, and most importantly, hang out with people that understand us! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to speak with, teach, and learn from others for some members. Please be considerate and mindful that not each and every member may have experience being with others like them. We want this to be a warm, inviting, and fun place for enlightened people of all age groups, and we hope you do too!

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Basic Rules
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