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 Youth Application (0-12 Earth Years THIS lifetime!)

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PostSubject: Youth Application (0-12 Earth Years THIS lifetime!)   Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:05 pm

1. I am told that I am sweet and loving! Yes or No.
2. I am told that I look like an angel! Yes or No.
3. I rarely break a rule, even if I WANT to! Yes or No.
4. I have a hard time saying no, even if I WANT to! Yes or No.
5. If I have dark hair, I wish I could highlight, color, or bleach my hair. Yes or No.
6. I like to play with one other person at a time, rather than a whole group. Yes or No.

7. I like animals or plants much better than I like people! Yes or No.
8. I have Celtic origins (Scottish, Irish, etc.,), or I am told that I look an elf, mermaid or fairy. (that is, I have a reddish tint in my hair, freckles, or a ruddy complexion). Yes or No.
9. I constantly play jokes on people! Yes or No.
10. I’m quite the mischief maker, and seem to have a persistent twinkle in my eyes! Yes or No.
11. I’m fiercely independent and don’t like following rules or ‘behaving’! Yes or No.
12. I am told that I am warm and playful! Yes or No.

13. I don’t like being the center of attention, and I’m REALLY shy… Yes or No.
14. I’ve always believed in, or been interest in, ETs or UFOs! Yes or No.
15. I’m very helpful and not very emotional. Yes or No.
16. I am told that I have unusual eyes or my face is unusual. Yes or No.
17. I like my clothes to be simple or plain, not flashy or lacy or ruffled. Yes or No.
18. I really would like to go home now, because I know that Earth isn’t my home. Yes or No.

19. I had a life-changing experience, such as a serious accident or traumatic head injury. Yes or No.
20. In the past, I was so miserable that I didn’t want to be here anymore. Yes or No.
21. I REALLY don’t like my name and want to change it as soon as possible. Yes or No.
22. My friends and family remark, “You’re different now. There’s something about you that’s not the same.” Yes or No.
23. I want to make drastic changes to many areas of my life all at once. Yes or No.
24. I have deep spiritual knowledge that didn’t come from any books or teachers. Yes or No.

25. Even though I know I’m different from other people, I still enjoy the company of others and get along pretty well with most people. Yes or No.
26. I know that I have magical abilities, which are untapped right now. Yes or No.
27. I have strong past-life memories or interests concerning Arthurian or Atlantean times. Yes or No.
28. I like to wear dark-colored shirts or dresses and like having long hair. Yes or No.
29. I am told that I am very serious, intense or regal (like a king or queen) for a child. Yes or No.
30. I’m very drawn toward Earth-based spirituality or full-moon ceremonies. Yes or No.

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Youth Application (0-12 Earth Years THIS lifetime!)
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