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 o5. How to Send a Private Message

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o5. How to Send a Private Message Empty
PostSubject: o5. How to Send a Private Message   o5. How to Send a Private Message Icon_minitime1Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:31 am

o5. How to Send a Private Message QDmHC

Step 1. Click on [PM] on the navigation bar.

Step 2. Select [Create New] to bring up a blank private message.

Step 3. Fill in the username of the member to whom you want your message to be sent. Make sure that you spell it exactly correct or it will not send. If you are unsure about a username, or can only remember part of one, use the “Find a Username” button to search for them. You can also send a private message to everyone in your group by choosing from the drop down menu next to “Or a usergroup.”

Step 4. Fill out a subject for your private message. You cannot send a private message without having a subject line. Your subject should tell your reader a little about the content of your private message (most of your assignments and official academy messages will have pre-determined subjects for you to use). Avoid using all capital letters, strange symbols, or too many exclamation points or question marks; this can be annoying.

Step 5. Type your message in the large box under message body. To the left will be a box of emoticons you can use by clicking on the face you want, and above you will see a few rows of buttons that will help you modify your text. Hovering over one of these buttons will show you a preview of the code it will use and tell you what that button does. To use these effects, highlight the text you want to modify and click on the button you want to use.

Step 6. Use the options box to make any modifications you want to your private message.

Step 7. To see what your reader will see when they receive your message and to make sure that your message looks the way you want it to, hit “preview” below the message body.

Step 8. Once you are satisfied with how your message looks and sounds, hit send and it will be on its way.

o5. How to Send a Private Message UINOT

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o5. How to Send a Private Message
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