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 o4. Navigating the Site

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o4. Navigating the Site Empty
PostSubject: o4. Navigating the Site   o4. Navigating the Site Icon_minitime1Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:05 am

Because many of our members may not have much experience with forum-based sites like this one, we have created a number of tutorials to help you learn more about the site and how to get around on it. Since these are more like walk-throughs and less like tutorials, and the content they cover is visually driven, there will be no text-only version like we have for some of the other tutorials in the handbook. Instead, all of the walk-throughs related to navigating the site are going to be shown by screen shots with instructions below them.

In order to view a walk through, click on the link below the desired topic and you will be directed to a picture album with several screenshots guiding you through the process. You will see several thumbnails in a line on top of a larger picture that indicates the slide you are currently viewing; below the image is a description of what the circled option on screen does. To move through the walk through, hover over the right side of the image and click the "next" button that appears, or tap the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move forwards and backwards. More tutorials will be added as seen fit.
Part I: The Home Page. :
Description : This collection of screen shots walks you through most of the things that you will find while you are on the home page, some of which are visible on many pages of the site. It is the longest walk through of all the navigation tutorials and covers muc of the basic information.

Part II: The Navigation Bar. :
Description : This tutorial will briefly walk you through how to use the navigation bar and its basic uses. Some of these functions will be discussed in detail in their own tutorials, so stay tuned!

Part III: Who is Online? :
Description : As promised in the first part of “Navigating the Site,” here is a walk through on everything you can find in the “Who is Online?” box down at the bottom of the site. Most of the information is self explanatory, but it can be helpful to know exactly what you’ll find when you go looking, and there are a few hidden treats here you might want to know about!

Part IV: The Chatbox. :
Description : Your all purpose guide to how to log on, log off, and make sense of the Academy's 'playground'. There's even a few neat tricks I've shown you in here.

Part V: Viewing a Profile. :
Description : This walkthrough will show you how to view someone’s profile and explain some of the things you can find there.

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o4. Navigating the Site
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