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 o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak

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o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak Empty
PostSubject: o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak   o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:15 am

o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak JgxWY

Step 1. Click on the [Winnowing Council] to navigate to the forum with all of the Winnowing Trees.

Step 2. The first tree you will need to visit is [Yggdrasil], the World Tree. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on that thread.

Step 3. Use the quick reply box at the bottom of the page to make a post. Type your username in and hit send to let an administrator know that you have finished your application

Step 4. After the Headmaster tells you which group you belong to, navigate back to the [Winnowing Council].

Step 5. Look for your group’s tree in the Winnowing Council (for example, “Star Peoples’ Oak Tree”, if you were winnowed into the Star Peoples group) and click on the title like you did with Yggdrasil.

Step 6. Make a post at your group’s tree like you did with Yggdrasil, stating your group to the tree and that you have arrived to pick up your cloak and crest. This lets your group moderator know that you need to be added to the group. They will send you a private message with your crest and your “cloak.” Once they add you to your group, you will receive your group color, and your username will have that color everywhere you go on the site, even on the chatbox. Show pride in your group! You are officially a student at Lightway Academy.

o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak UINOT

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o3. How to get a Group, Crest, and Cloak
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