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 o2. How to Apply as a Student

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o2. How to Apply as a Student Empty
PostSubject: o2. How to Apply as a Student   o2. How to Apply as a Student Icon_minitime1Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:12 am

o2. How to Apply as a Student TPQbr

Step 1. Click [Application] under Student Handbook and navigate to the Application Forum.

Step 2. Choose the appropriate application for your age group:Step 3. Copy and paste the statements you see into a Word Document (NOTE: This is the recommended course of action to assure the safety of your work and prevent accidental erasure of answers. There are other courses of action).

Step 4. As you read through the statements, leave only the answer that is applicable to you following the period. For example, if a statement says “The sky is blue. True or False.” You would delete “True or False” and (hopefully) write “True” in its place.

Step 5. When you have filled out your application as instructed above, copy your text (if you followed step 3) and open a private message by clicking [PM] at the top of the page and selecting [Create New].

Step 6. Address the private message to an administrator. The Headmaster is your safest bet, but Lightway Spec Inv can also look over student applications if needed.

Step 7. Title your private message “Student Application” so that your recipient will know that it is important.

Step 8. Paste your work into the message body.

Step 9. Hit “Send” and you are done! At this time, it is recommended that you visit the third tutorial, [How to get a group, crest, and cloak.].

o2. How to Apply as a Student UINOT
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o2. How to Apply as a Student
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